Rasmi Group

We manufacture and supply EMC filters to many of the worlds largest suppliers of inverters, such as Omron Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric, Fuji Electric, Toshiba and Yaskawa.

Our product range includes standard generic EMC filters and specialist bespoke items, designed by us to meet requirements of specific applications.

 EMC Research and Development

Anechoic Chamber

Rasmi 034
Rasmi is very proud of its testing capabilities. As well as for design work, the anechoic chamber gives Rasmi the facility to test a customer’s piece of equipment, such as an AC Drive, then the same combined with a filter.

EMC Test Receivers

Test Receivers
From the acquired data we are able to design a filter to match the customer’s product. Also Rasmi can visit the customer’s site or product location to carry out on-site emission testing.

Climatic Test Chamber

Climatic Test Chamber
We also perform and record tests on our products at varying ambient temperature and humidity to ensure performance levels are achieved in all possible operating environments.

Extensive Test Capabilities

We have a comprehensive range of test capabilities for EMC applications and are constantly adding new equipment as design and customer application requirements evolve.