DLC Power Line Filters

AC, DC and servo motor and are now established as the most flexible means of controlling motors in virtually all mechanical equipment. However, they are a significant source of RF interference.

Recent European legislation on EMC imposes limits on RF emissions from such equipment. The DLC range of power line filters has been specifically developed for use with these drives, enabling systems incorporating them to meet the European RFI emissions standards for domestic or industrial use.

The example emission graphs in this brochure represent actual results measured by a competent body on drive equipment using Rasmi filters. These results ensured that Rasmi’s customer gained the EMC certificate and was therefore able to mark the products.

The range comprises three types of filter in various sizes up to 990A current capacity. Although these filters are intended for use with motor drives, their high performance makes them effective in suppressing high RF emissions in virtually any installation.

All filters are constructed with approved components:- self healing X and Y capacitors approved to VDE, SEMKO, NEMKO and UL are used and all assemblies are encapsulated in stainless steel cases with resin approved to UL 94-V0 flammability class. Input and output connections are made by shrouded terminals up to 170A bolt stud type terminals from 170A to 480Aand tag type connections above 480A.

A range of output chokes is also available, to complement the power line filters and improve EMC performance, especially radiated emissions, where long motor cables are used.

Please click here to download the DLC product catalogue (in PDF format).