Omron - Filter Range

European legislation on EMC imposes limits on RF emissions from electrical equipment. These power line filters have been specifically developed for use with Omron motor drives, enabling systems incorporating them to meet the European RFI emissions standards for domestic or industrial use.

Design and Test Criteria
Generally with motor drive systems, the emission levels are greatly affected by the length of the cable between the drive itself and the motor – longer cables will cause considerably higher emissions.

The inverter / filter combinations here have been designed and tested to achieve compliance to EN 61800-3:1996 and 2004.
Category C1 for drives with 25A input current or when fitted with up to 50m motor output cable.

Earth Leakage Measurements

In single phase applications the earth leakage current is present all of the time. For three phase applications under normal conditions with the three phases balanced, earth leakage currents are extremely small – the max values stated are worst possible values such as would occur momentarily during switch on or failure of one or two phases.

Use of Filters with 200V Three Phase Inverters

These filter ranges may also be used with 200V three phase inverters, but care should be taken in the filter selection. The equivalent 200V model of an inverter will require approximately twice the current of the 400V model. For example, the 3G3FV PFI 4012-E filter is suitable for the 3G3FV A2015 drive, but not the 3G3FV A2037, even though the latter will fit. Running a filter on under-voltage is perfectly acceptable, but running at over-current for any extended period is not advisable.

Technical Information

For more technical data, a separate data sheet is available for each filter model. This gives detailed dimensions, circuit diagram and electrical ratings.